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Are We Underestimating our Teachers... Again?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I have heard concerns from all sides that teachers are just not prepared for the next school year. They do not know how to use the technology, the curriculum isn’t mapped correctly, and many don’t even know their districts plan yet. These are all legitimate concerns, some of which I share. However, I do not agree that teachers are not prepared. Teaching is based on the idea of preparing for the unknown.

Teachers have been preparing for this moment their whole careers. When Little Johnny got a massive nosebleed in the middle of fractions, do you think his awesome math teacher saw that coming? No, but in one fluid swoop she made paper towels magically appear from thin air, transitioned the class to an independent work assignment (that she wrote on the board with one hand as she held a balled up roll of paper towels to Little Johnny’s face firmly with the other), and called the nurse to come retrieve the blood soaked boy.

Let’s not underestimate the jobs that our teachers do every single day. Do we need to provide them with essential training and support? Absolutely! Do we need to help them ensure the technology works and is intuitive for their students? We sure do! Do we need to provide training on strategies to better engage learners at a distance? It’s essential! But the one thing we do not have to worry about is preparing our teachers for the unknown. Preparing for the unknown is their superpower. Stand back and watch them work!

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