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Lead Learning Architect

"13 years in the public school sector and 5 years in the simulation and training space has taught me that technology is ever changing. When you combine changing technology with sound instructional design, education begins to look a lot different. Sometimes when the path before us is unknown, it can become a scary place. This is why I started Precipice Solutions. I want to help my education and training partners navigate the unfamiliar territory of educational technology through innovative and engaging training solutions and consulting services."

Kristy Clements is the Senior Learning Architect and  founder of Precipice Solutions. She served 13 years teaching in the public school system in southwestern Pennsylvania and 5 years in the government S&T sector before starting Precipice Solutions. Kristy holds a Masters in Instructional System Design as well as a Bachelors of Science in Elementary and Middle School Education.

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Sr. Graphic Design Artist

Maggie has over 23 years of experience working with both government and private sector clients. Maggie is passionate about working with clients to determine the best visual experience and creatively implementing those ideas into an effective learning solution. Her detailed animations and graphics bring life to the design process, while her expertise at branding effectively connects the solution to the client and target audience. 



Jr. Audio/Visual Technician

Andrew helps to bring quality audio and visual assets to our training solutions. Andrew brings a great eye and a wealth of knowledge to our audio and video production projects. From ensuring the lighting is balanced to adjusting the angle of our equipment, Andrew ensures we get the perfect shot every time. His understanding of the technology promises crystal clear audio and visuals for every project. 



Sr. Audio/Visual Producer

Rick has passionately and fervently produced video content for over 20 years. He has produced a wide variety of content including public interest pieces, full length feature films, documentaries, and comedy pieces. Rick has devoted his professional career to excelling in the ever-evolving field of video production and content creation. Constantly adapting to new technologies has been key to his continued success and productivity.

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